03 March 2004

Yesterday I had to fixed my Atijembar again. File system of main partition got corrupt and aah... I want to get stability quickly, so the best thing is saving all important files to data partitions and installing Debian.

As I was surprised — and a little dissapoinment — with my server's performance overall, I was still curious where the problem really exists. And today afternoon, an incident happened and a little explanation satisfied me. I made a backup from one CD using raw method,

dd if=/dev/cdrom of=filename.iso

After minutes of reading and writing, segmentation fault suddenly happened and I had to reboot and did fsck repairment. But I knew that I missed bs (block size) parameter. I tried one more with correct command,

dd if=/dev/cdrom of=filename.iso bs=1k

It is safe and exited normally. So, my little prediction with yesterday's failure is about dumping data in huge size. Because last weekend I helped reinstalling my friend's notebook and I used Atijembar's Samba for backing up notebook's hard disk.