27 July 2004

At the same time I restructured Coret Moret's layout, Kliping — small notes placed in the right column — was dumped out. My main reason for that decision was to make my layout as clean as possible. I found that right column was too cluttered by scrambled text, so its main problem was really in layout. And I had limited idea to anticipate this situation, so I turn into my main page as top priority and forget about this not-important-but-interesting feature.

Until someday!

After looking some practical implementation, well run and nice to integrate with main pages, I consider Kliping to appear co-existence with main document. Just another Weblog inside Weblog, and chronicle as an order for showing.

Aside from technical issue, which usually comes first, I feel more enjoyable now writing some less context issue and need no complete work. Just write, for information, comment, or even my standing.

Enjoy my shorter words.

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