04 February 2011

Taken from Disabled Account FAQ:

My account was disabled and my appeal was denied. Is there any way I can rejoin the program? Can I open a new account?

We understand your concern about the actions taken against your account. Please know that our actions are the result of careful investigation by our team of dedicated specialists, taking into account the interests of our advertisers, publishers, and users. Though you may be disappointed with our decision, we are unable to reinstate your account.

Please also note that publishers disabled for invalid click activity are not allowed any further participation in AdSense. For this reason, these publishers may not open new accounts.

Lastly, please bear in mind that Google does reserve the right to disable an account for any reason, including invalid click activity from any source.

It is clear that I will not be able to rejoin AdSense program. After some weeks never opening my AdSense account, I found Google had disabled it and I never knew what really happened. My appeal was also rejected.

So, good bye for AdSense.

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