26 August 2003

I can not stand for client-side, JavaScript based, hit counter. The spec. that I need most: elegant and simple banner (I hate bigger and too-exposed color) and IP/host exclusion. CQCounter is my favourite, but, unfotunately they do not provide host exclusion, so it will be polluted with my own access when in editing or previewing mode. As a result, from yesterday I furnished our Analog, a web server's log analyzer. Most important things has been done was Virtual Host support. At the time when I first activated Analog, I erased our logs that include Virtual Host [I know, erasing logs is near to criminal activity!], but now I keep in mind that it is a must in an environment like our server.

To avoid me from doing a stupid thing, like no historical awareness, I move old Analog's page in separate directory, and provide necessary link for it. All activities are recorded formally in Atijembar.

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