03 October 2014

Back to Blogs

Posting on #direktif, arrange some late links to MY.ID, and today is my plan to write for blogs more and more.

Psst, somebody has invited me to attend opening ceremony for roaster restaurant in Bandung, as blogger.

06 June 2013

298 Days

Last time I wrote here was on 12 August last year. It is 298 days long: short for memory, but long enough to realize that it was not yesterday or last month anymore. Social media still rock – spend too much time there, blogs wake up and fall – fluctuative. Still, the joy of joining new services often comes and lands on sign up pages. Maintenance cost more than account registration; I know, but enjoying good service offering new user experiences is simply another side.

That is: 298 days without any posting here and now I am coming and writing.

"To return back the joy of writing". Thank you.

14 August 2012

Time for About.me

I love About.me and use it at least on every signature below my email. Unfortunately, it was long time enough I did not visit and log its website in. Until this night: I found two old friends starred my page – I thought it was a poke rather than a fave, and a new friend did the same. Great and thank you all, I had responded them.

Second thing was changing my page to English. I had no spesific reason on doing this, but it looks "more readable" to more users. Done!

How about photo? Sorry, I have no newer self-portrait, so I left it untouched. If you are also About.me user, feel free to leave message there.

Enough for now.

08 August 2012

Time makes stories,
writing makes friends.

Attending blogging talkshow in Karisma Masjid Salman ITB, Jalan Ganesha, Bandung, I met old friends and new teenage bloggers. On the rising of Tumblr users here, I was late to know them understanding each others on Tumblr and having meetup several times. An announcement reminded us that Bandung Tumblr users will hold Ramadan break fasting gathering this Friday afternoon. Keep moving, Tumblr fans!

"Histeria" Blogging Talkshow

An old friend asked me about monthly Comic meetup in Bandung that was stopped a few years ago. I explained him latest conditions, and he suggested me to do restarting Comic. Rather than giving him promises regarding this issue, I find myself interested on this idea, the weather is good, so why not? After great Eid ul-Fitr holiday, I thought, will be a good time to start.

Yes, friends, who know me by my writing and still remember me.
Thank you.

30 July 2012

Yesterday I motivated my daughter to start blogging, as part of her assignment from bahasa Indonesia class. She was a bit confused at first: what was proper name for her blog, what is interesting story to write, and rather philosophically, "Why do I need to blog?" After some technical instructions, some HOWTOs, and some faster ways to start, she looked enjoying this new adventure, beside her Twitter and Tumblr. Good, and keep writing.

Finally, this is also something pushing me to keep posting entries regularly. I will try, promise.

06 February 2012

Darren Rowse wrote some points to handle criticism for blogger, while I think it is very helpful for many cases. Noted here for me myself and also some of friends who like to discuss about critics. Its points:

  1. Embrace criticism – "Not everyone will agree with you all of the time, but negative feedback is a sign that you’re making people think".
  2. Consider the criticism – "Some criticisms are better than others".
  3. Making use of criticism – "Take the emotion out of the criticism".
  4. Take it on board – "Now’s the time to take the criticism on board—but not emotionally so much as practically".

09 March 2011

Clear, Netty is Easier than MINA

Note on TCP Server framework: first we examined Apache MINA, then Netty is found easier.


"We found everything easier in Netty. Period. While we were trying to reimplement the same functionality we already had on MINA, we did so from scratch. By following the excellent documentation and examples we ended up with more functionality in much, much less code."
- java - Netty vs Apache MINA - Stack Overflow (lihat di Google Wikipinggir)