04 August 2003

One of my first and long-maintained website for our moslem community in Groningen, Serambi deGromiest, reach 10k+ hits today. It was built using handycraft simple scripting (perhaps lazy?) Andy Wardley's Template Toolkit. Of course, Perl rules!. This handycraft construction was at first to be choosed for accomodating our free webhosting that does not support server side scripting. But due to complexity (and once again, laziness?), even after currently two months migrating to our own server, I keep this method rocks!

Other point: today I also visit some blog-related sites (production-tools, communities, templates, etc.) and truly, I ever consider (seducted, uh?) to accomodate their easy-maintenance, elegant-style, and multi-users support. Some hours I rethink and reconsider. But at least I will not change my self-hand made web tools by just that reasons. To be truth, I do not want getting too easy to maintain (do you ever think that behind a-to-z of programming, lies down a beauty of satisfaction?); elegant is okay, but... ups, we do not have any commited web-artist (so who will handle elegancy?); and multi-users... hoaaa... I am a single-fighter webmaster — Tukang Web sebatang kara!

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