01 September 2003

After considering among various hot-topics that I am interested very much to make some annotates, I'd like to start maintaining a long awaited #direktif. Months ago, I set up #direktif as my initial self-effort to survive in profitable business model. But I was lack of marketing supporting and my daily condition was very hard to stand up for that business. I am in defence mode; so along my nothing-ness, it is better for me to just create and maintain and having nothing else to be kept in mind.

Why can't I trust [more] in the spirit of knowledge?

The result is I remake my #direktif using MT and spend my time to maintain notes about IT from various source. This will be a suggested writing, motivated expression, and target oriented notes. My next plan after enough notes published is to invite others for joining — thus, it will not be only my private collection.

Welcome to visit #direktif.

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