07 September 2003

Coret Moret is changed into PHP file to prepare more flexible, server-side programming in the future. To handle visitors from search engine's results that is still in .html extension, a rewriting in httpd.conf is provided,

RewriteRule ^(.+)\.html$ $1\.php [L,R]

Other major refurnishing is several buttons added: represent common gesture in blog world for any resources have been used. To me personally, I prefer blog button style for its minimalism and simple text expression. I named them as Stiker (sticker).

First PHP's usage is for handling Stiker's more..., so visitors come to see important and less buttons.

Update on 18 Sept 03: I remove Stiker's more because using ?bla=bli&blu seems not so appropriate for blog style. In change, I still need PHP for handling Sideblog, a dynamic block in the right side that is changed more often. About Sideblog, Richard's MovableBLOG is an ultimate inspiration.

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