11 October 2003

I made major revision (and perhaps get a risk from lost visitors) to my MT's filename structure. Using number such as 000021.php is less sense to a title such as Perbaikan Komentar. Truly I was inspired by Richard Eriksson's August article titled Plugins Work in Archive File Templates. His short-but-enough tutorial is helpful for me to change my setup. Also do not forget various URL he mentioned that expose some considerations about filename in blog's Permalink. Other important thing I have done is erasing file's extention, php, from URL.

As you guess, visitors who come from search engine will get a real lost because this reconstruction. Next month I hope the situation will be better.

.htaccess in Coret Moret's directory contains

ForceType application/x-httpd-php

And in /scripts and /buttons directory, their .htaccess contain

ForceType none

Added on 21 October: because .htaccess is accessed in each Apache request to that directory (less efficient) and it is easy for me to modify Web server's configuration, I move entries in .htaccess into Apache's httpd.conf.

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