11 January 2004

January 2004 — new year! — is marked by renewing my Weblogs' layout. Started before end of December for #direktif, I reconstructed its layout with inspiration from Six Apart's clean and smooth block. So I removed unnecessary entries inside sideblog and changed all bold-style anchor into normal, underlined font. Seems the nature and simple-easy Web page comes again. The red-white combination is, of course, still main color for #direktif with additional golden strip.

31 Dec. is the date for my last post in #direktif for 2003 and this is first entry for new layout.

New year comes and some days after I completed new design for Coret Moret. Similiar with #direktif for global layout, I focused my writing for all pages, so menu is only a sticky note placed in right part. Coret Moret's new design is inspired by this Writing in Silence's template. I also made space for Coret Moret narrower, compacted in the middle with smaller font was choosed. There are so many unnecessary things (mostly experiment part with MT) were removed. Only my articles exist — those are now the focus on my Weblog! I also made it last article is shown in complete form on main page; last articles were displayed fewer.

For these changes, I wrote their spirit, Tata Letak Baru (A New Layout) as first entry for year 2004.

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