21 January 2004

Today I join Thomas Arie Setiawan to dig into his Weblog's problem. I am curious because at the first I did with debugging, it is ended with error message Premature end of script headers. As far as I know from common Perl problem, it is about end-of-line difference between UNIX and Windows. So I made file type checking and ensuring that anything is in UNIX format.

Still that error message appears!

To make sure that there is no file with incorrect file format or permission, I unzip new MT tarball, and upload this new version into Thomas's directory both from my Linux and Windows boxes. Still misterious and error log from Apache does not tell much.

After 2 hours fixing and testing, I went into Google for "500 internal server error mt rebuild" but found nothing except there is one or two guys facing similiar problems but no solutions explained. One statement told that someone has been helped by MT support forum comunity, so — as I planned for the last searching — I looked into Support Forum.

I found Thomas had posted his problem there, but no solution yet. I searched more specific 500 Internal error issue and found a possibility from process mechanism used by MT for building pages.

Having tried to set EntriesPerRebuild into lower value (20 and 5), rebuilding Weblog still got failed. Sure I do not know the limitation from Thomas' hosting server about this process and its effect to how MT works. The best thing I can do is exporting Warnadunia's content into my computer — which does not have such kind limitations :-) — and testing it by rebuliding all.

Bla and bla... it works!
Ups, Thomas's prejudice about the possibility using better hosting service this morning sounds becoming necessity for his hundreds articles in his Weblog.

For me? It seems that if somedays in the future I have to move my stuff into commercial webhosting, I have to deal between cheapest and scalable enough. I remember one discussion thread in Warnadunia Forum telling why MT is less popular in Indonesia.

[Added on 22/01] Thomas tells that he tweaked ThrottleSeconds variable in mt.cfg and got better rebuilding. I will also try to apply Thomas' original layout into my trial in my computer.

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