16 February 2004

I was still rethinking about what happens with Atijembar. It is very strange that even simple program run by limited privileges user can make kernel space damage. The other unusual thing is when computer is rebooted: in more frequent occassion than before, it stops seconds after reboot instruction is performed. At first, I thougt this was caused by reboot script which maybe not compliant with APM in my computer. Yesterday I tried to diagnose with utilities from MSI inside Windows XP, no problem, but Windows' restart got similiar, hang, problem!

At first I suspect it was caused by IDE cables that are used by two hard disks and two CD drives. Can't the motherboard handle their total size? Its specification does not tell anything about that. So I assume it must be safe.

Along searching configuration or jumper position inside motherboard user guide, I came into LED diagnostics that comes with motherboard. This is common feature in the lattest motherboard which inform boot steps. I still had not noticed where this LED stands. *Blink* Ah, when computer room is darker, I can see blink red and yellow light in the back side of casing!. And, yes! There are four square LED beside USB!

Accompanied also by Ismail Fahmi (who at that moment he spent his time visiting me) to identify the pattern after reboot's fail case, it stopped in "fail memory testing". I opened again Atijembar's casing, test with one piece RAM and got failed, so it is suspected damage. The other piece (smaller size, 128MB) then replaced this failed memory and reboot process was without problem. I tested for a day, and no segmentation fault happened.

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