20 October 2004

After second crash, on 14 Oct., I reconsider more than before about my decission depending too much on Atijembar, my home-based desktop computer that was incidentally and magically turned into World Wide Web server. All my blogging activities and my organization's websites suddenly dissapeared from the Internet. Members asked — but can do nothing except waiting — and actual discussions missed one of (hopefully) important node.

In fact, spending extra money for hosting my blogs is not a good idea now, considering my condition. But writing is a must for my daily routine. I also lost my opportunity applying 777-discount from Dream Host, so luck was seemed to go far away.

Friendship came after. Thomas Arie Setiawan offered me his simple-but-very-valuable hosting package. He ran hosting business several months ago, but it is suspended nowadays; and his rest resource is enough for my mostly-text blog pages.

So that was the deal: I can use it for free under his lowest hosting package; and I will keep my promise to pay proportionally with his purchase for global shared hosting. I think this will be fair for his effort for "hosting reseller" (not in correct business sense) and his kindness providing me quick solution with pay in advance.

I was informed by computer shop that Atijembar's motherboard is broken and simply need replacement. Though my organization graciously will pay its bill, I am sure very much that my decision to host my blogs in (more) professional way is on the track. So maybe after this decision, I can use my computer more relax as a workstation.

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