30 April 2005

Down without clear reason: #direktif was redirected to suspended information page with a little note: Please contact the billing/support department as soon as possible. How can that? I have made one year deal with my webhosting and suddenly (no warning) the entire website is missing.

I did contacting the represenative — first by sending SMS from my handphone; and, trying again today early by asking a help from my friend in Indonesia.

It is annoying because #direktif is the busiest blog I handle so far.

Update: After two SMS (they were so late to reach Indonesia), my web(share)hosting service contact its provider asking the situation that was happened in my site. It is nice to see his response but still I am in waiting for real solution.

1 comment:

joenia said...

hihhihi..bedankt mas, nyusahin melulu nih kerjaanku. beginilah mas kalo muridnya ndableg...gak ngerti-ngerti:)