10 May 2010

Original Kids' Stories -- Free and Share!

Seen through Eric Setiawan's Buzz today, Smories.com is a nice site for kids to share free original stories. They tell there are 50 stories added every month. The initiative is for kids and read by kids also. The kids world, in short.

I have tried to access one story, it consisted the story itself and also a video. Unfortunately, the video was failed to play. I am not sure if it is about wrong URL or my connection.

Apart from that, I love much the front page of their web. Simple by very short introduction, followed by a full page of kids' face thumbnails. All of them -- you guessed -- are the story tellers themselves.

Want to contribute? Submit yours! -- they invite. How about the language? Seems for today it starts on English.

No serious problem, it is very possible for non-English speakers: it is time to learn English for their kids.

perihal: Smories - new stories for children, read by children (lihat di Google Wikipinggir)

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