08 August 2012

Time makes stories,
writing makes friends.

Attending blogging talkshow in Karisma Masjid Salman ITB, Jalan Ganesha, Bandung, I met old friends and new teenage bloggers. On the rising of Tumblr users here, I was late to know them understanding each others on Tumblr and having meetup several times. An announcement reminded us that Bandung Tumblr users will hold Ramadan break fasting gathering this Friday afternoon. Keep moving, Tumblr fans!

"Histeria" Blogging Talkshow

An old friend asked me about monthly Comic meetup in Bandung that was stopped a few years ago. I explained him latest conditions, and he suggested me to do restarting Comic. Rather than giving him promises regarding this issue, I find myself interested on this idea, the weather is good, so why not? After great Eid ul-Fitr holiday, I thought, will be a good time to start.

Yes, friends, who know me by my writing and still remember me.
Thank you.

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